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ID 327
Title GNSS TEC, ROTI, HR-ROTI, S4, foEs and VHF radar backscatter echoes data during 2018-2020
Creator Wenjie Sun
Subject Ionospheric data
Publisher Xiukuan Zhao
Description The GNSS data and ionosonde data are from IONISE and the Chinese Meridian Project, and are archived at the Geophysics Center, National Earth System Science Data Center at BNOSE, IGGCAS (http://wdc.geophys.ac.cn/). The GNSS data were observed by the PolaRx5S receiver network. The rate of TEC index (ROTI, computed for each 300-second interval and converted to the unit of TECu/min) were calculated from the 30-s-resolution Beidou geostationary (BDS) TEC data. The High-Resolution ROTI (HR-ROTI, computed for each 30-second interval and converted to the unit of TECu/min) were calculated from the 1-s-resolution Beidou geostationary (BDS) TEC data. The foEs data was derived from the DPS4D at Sanya (18.4°N, 109.6°E) and Beijing (40.3°N, 116.2°E) with a temporal resolution of 15 min. The VHF radar backscatter echoes were observed at SANY.
Contributor Lianhuan Hu, Yuyan Yang, Xiukuan Zhao, Sipeng Yang, Haiyong Xie, Yi Li, Libo Liu, Baiqi Ning, and Guozhu Li
Date 2018-2020
Type The parameters include year, doy, ut (hour), glat (°), glon (°), alt (km), TEC (TECU), ROTI (TECU/min), HR-ROTI (TECU/min), foEs (MHz) and S4.
Format *.mat format and *.txt available in MATLAB, *.xlsx format available in Microsoft Excel, and *.GRM available in SAOexplorer.
URL http://www.geophys.ac.cn/ArticleData/20211020IonosphericDataBySun.zip
DOI 10.12197/2021GA028
Language eng
Rights Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences